Watch Chris Martin teach daughter Apple how to play The Beatles on guitar
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Chris Martin has been teaching his teenage daughter how to play guitar in a new clip posted online.

The short video, uploaded to Instagram by Gwyneth Paltrow, appears to show the Coldplay frontman teaching the 13-year-old Apple how to play The Beatles‘ ‘Blackbird’.

Paltrow captioned the video “Guitar time” along with an apple emoji.

Watch the clip in full below:

Recently, Liam Gallagher revealed his favourite Coldplay albums, despite previously saying Chris Martin looks like a “geography teacher”.

When asked if he rates Coldplay’s music, Gallagher singled out the band’s first two albums – 2000’s ‘Parachutes’ and 2002’s ‘A Rush Of Blood To The Head’ – as his favourites.

“I tell you what, I had a bit of a party at my house the other night and a guy on a guitar who is a massive Coldplay fan was there. I let him sing the first two Coldplay albums on an acoustic guitar. The first two albums are mega. Those albums have some good songs,” Liam said.

“I’m not a fan of their new stuff,” he continued. “It’s all gone a bit dancey now. Guitar music now doesn’t have enough guitars in it, it’s gone pop, they’ve taken the guitars off and made dance music. That’s why I think my album stuck out like a sore thumb and people liked it. It was doing exactly what it said on the tin.”

07/03/2018 11:27:02
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