Watch Muse play rarity-packed Paris show with setlist voted for by fans
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This weekend saw Muse play a blistering show in Paris packed with rarities and seldom played songs, in a set voted for by the fans. Check out footage and the setlist below.

Fresh from being crowned ‘Best Festival Headliner‘ at the VO5 NME Awards 2018, Muse played a special one-off show at La Cigale in France – allowing fans to vote for what they’d be playing via an online poll.

After opening with the live debut of new single ‘Thought Contagion’, the band delighted fans with by playing ‘Absolution’ B-side ‘Eternally Missed’ for the first time since 2002. Other highlights included ‘Origin Of Symmetry’ favourite ‘Space Dementia’ being rolled out for the first time in seven years, along with a number of other early cuts including ‘Fury’, ‘Agitated’, ‘Yes Please’ and ‘Bliss’.

Thought Contagion (live debut) Interlude Hysteria Eternally Missed (First time since 2002) New Born Space Dementia (First time since 2011) Fury Psycho Helsinki Jam (First time since 2011) Showbiz Uprising Citizen Erased Supermassive Black Hole Bliss Encore: Muscle Museum Plug In Baby Encore 2: Assassin Stockholm Syndrome Agitated Yes Please (First time as closing song since 2000)

Last week, they revealed that the project was still very much a ‘work in progress‘.

Speaking to NME earlier this month, the band also opened up about their future.

“We’re going to do the biggest tour and just blow people’s minds with stuff they’ve never seen before,” frontman Matt Bellamy told NME.

“We’re going to come up with something that no one’s ever seen before. We’re always interested in the latest technology and what’s cutting edge, so we’re always thinking of the new thing that nobody’s ever used before in a concert. And we found something and we’re going to use that.”

“We’ve been working on a lot of new music,” Bellamy added, “we’re going to release more new songs this year, working towards an album which will come out some time soon.”

26/02/2018 13:04:35
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