Listen to Car Seat Headrest’s long-awaited Smash Mouth cover
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Car Seat Headrest have shared their cover of Smash Mouth‘s ‘Fallen Horses’ – check out the track below.

The two artists announced an unlikely split single last week, with Smash Mouth covering Car Seat Headrest’s ‘Teens of Style’ track ‘Something Soon’ and Car Seat Headrest returning the favour by recording a version of ‘Fallen Horses’ – which featured on Smash Mouth’s 1999 album ‘Astro Lounge’.

That ‘Fallen Horses’ cover is now streaming online – check it out below.

song by @smash-mouth-official // art by @slimgiltsoul

Rumours of a collaboration between Car Seat Headrest and Smash Mouth first emerged in 2016, with the two bands commenting on their burgeoning association on Twitter in January 2017.

let's make it happen!

— car seat headrest (@carseatheadrest) January 18, 2017

Back in July 2017, it was revealed that Morrissey was once “very complimentary” about Smash Mouth.

The US band were speaking to mark their 20th anniversary as a band as they recalled the kinds words they once received from the former Smiths frontman.

“We just did a show in Guadalajara, Mexico – the Roxy Fest – with Morrissey, which was super, super cool,” frontman Steve Harwell recounted about the origin of their meeting.

22/02/2018 23:46:52
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