Frank Ocean sues ‘Blonde’ producer over songwriting credit claims
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Frank Ocean has reportedly sued a producer who worked on his latest album ‘Blonde’.

‘Blonde’ was released by Ocean, alongside visual album ‘Endless’, in August 2016. They were the R&B star’s first releases since studio debut ‘Channel Orange’ in 2012.

Om’Mas Keith, who worked with Ocean on ‘Channel Orange’ and again for ‘Blonde’, is said to be claiming songwriting credits on the latter record, leading Ocean to take legal action against Keith.

According to TMZ, Keith – who also worked with Kanye West and Jay-Z on ‘Watch The Throne’ – says that he was hired in 2014 to produce master recordings for ‘Blonde’.

Frank Ocean

Ocean argues that he hired and paid Keith a flat fee for his work and that he had no creative input on the lyrics, melody or music.

Documents show that Keith registered with the ASCAP, which manages royalties for songwriters, and has claimed to have co-written 11 songs on ‘Blonde’.

According to the report, Ocean is now seeking a judge ruling to prevent Keith from claiming songwriting credit.

A representative for Frank Ocean has told Pitchfork: “A complaint has been filed against Om’Mas Keith who has falsely stated to have written certain songs which appear on the album ‘Blonde’. These claims are untrue and this issue is being dealt with by litigators.”

Keith has not yet commented publicly.

20/02/2018 23:05:17
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