This wax figure of Beyoncé really doesn’t look like Beyoncé
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A wax figure of Beyoncé has gone viral after fans took to Twitter to point out how little it actually resembles the star.

The figure is part of an exhibition at a wax museum in Niagara Falls, with a Twitter user recently uploading a photo of the waxwork.

“According to the curators of the wax museum in Niagara Falls, this is Beyoncé,” the Twitter user wrote.

According to the curators of the wax museum in Niagara Falls, this is Beyoncé. ????????????

— Ama Scriver (@amascriver) February 11, 2018

Fans soon responded about how the figure looks more like Dee from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia or Jennifer Aniston.

Breaking: Beyoncé is now Dee from ”Always Sunny.”

— Kashana (@kashanacauley) February 12, 2018

Why do these wax museums continue to have Beyoncé looking like Jennifer Aniston?

— amour (@amourwest) February 12, 2018

the wax figure’s face! she can’t believe she’s supposed to be Beyoncé, either

— jonathan frandzone (@notallbhas) February 12, 2018

p sure that’s a real housewife of New Jersey

— Samantha B (@samanthadjb) February 11, 2018

These wax sculptor people keep making Beyoncé white, and just… no.

— First Time Trek ???????? (@FirstTimeTrek) February 12, 2018

This reminds me of celebrity barbies from the 90’s ????????????????????

— mom friend override (@the_huntswoman) February 11, 2018

Another tweeter pointed out that it’s not the only bad waxwork at the museum:

This is Pamela Anderson, for example.

— Jessica Bloom (@jess__bloom) February 13, 2018

The Robert Pattinson one is pretty good as well.

— Ama Scriver (@amascriver) February 13, 2018

While others remarked about how most wax figure makers seem to get Beyoncé terribly wrong:

Theory: Beyoncé wax figure makers have never seen Beyoncé

— zander (@finah) February 13, 2018

It’s not the first time the Niagara Falls wax museum has caused controversy over it’s Beyoncé figure, with Vice visiting the museum to interview punters about it in 2017.

Earlier today, Beyonce’s father opened up about Solange’s infamous 2014 fight with Jay-Z in a lift after attending the Met Gala.

Appearing on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Matthew Knowles directly addressed the incident and admitted that the incident had provided an “opportunity to grow”.

“I hope and I feel very calm about this and comfortable that both Solange and Beyoncé were given the tools that they need to be successful”, he told hosts Jeremy Kyle and Kate Garraway.

“Are they going to make mistakes? Absolutely. But mistakes are an opportunity to grow, not a reason to quit. And so I feel comfortable about that.”

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13/02/2018 22:55:26
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