Drake spends $50,000 paying for everyone’s groceries at a Miami supermarket
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Drake surprised a load of shoppers on Tuesday (February 6) when he popped into a Miami supermarket and paid for all their shopping.

The singer went into Miami’s Sabor Tropical store at around 4pm and announced on a megaphone that he’d be paying for everyone’s groceries.

“No one knew he was coming at all, we just came to do groceries,” one customer, Guille Deza, told E! News.

“Cameras were being set up so we were all wondering what was to happen.

“He took photos with everyone who asked and shook hands. He helped people find what they were looking for and encouraged all to buy everything they want and to fill their carts.”

The singer reportedly spent $50,000 (£35,899) on the shop.

One video (below) shows the huge grocery haul taken home by Guille Deza, who had all manner of items paid for by the singer, including beer, orange juice and loo roll.

You can hear his housemates saying, “Thank you, Drake” in the background as he films the plethora of carrier bags filling his kitchen.

“A real king when [sic] out and paid for everyone’s groceries in the store, all the while encouraging people to buy more lol,” Deza writes in the Instagram caption.

“BE GOOD AND IT’LL COME RIGHT BACK AROUND!!! So much love and bless this man 100 times over for all his generosity.”

It’s thought that Drake is doing a series of good deeds for the upcoming video for ‘God’s Plan’.

On Monday (February 5) the singer presented University of Miami student, Destiny James, with a cheque for $50,000 (£35,899) to pay her tuition fees.

The biology student posted a photo of herself being surprised by Drake on her Instagram, with the caption: THANK YOU SO MUCH!! You don’t understand what this means to me! I would’ve never imagined this happening to me.

“I’m just a girl from Denmark, SC that wants to MAKE IT and be somebody and for you to see my hard work means the world. Thank you so much.

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“God I thank you. You are so great and amazing! Thank you for blessing me when I thought my hard work was going unnoticed. I’m living out my dreams. God’s Plan.”

That same day, the singer surprised students at Miami High School by turning up to film visuals for ‘God’s Plan’.

He performed the song on a crane in the school’s baseball field, while a drone filmed overhead.

The singer also donated $25,000 (£17,959) to the school.


— Edgar ???? (@TheRealEdgy) February 5, 2018

“It was amazing and unexpected,” past student Edgar Grant Santiago, told the Miami Herald, after rushing to his old school when he got a text from a friend telling him what was happening.

“Where can you say you got Drake to go your school? At Miami Senior High that’s where. That was truly God’s plan to bless the school.”

The rapper released new tracks ‘God’s Plan’ and ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ last month, as part of his ‘Scary Hours’ EP.

‘God’s Plan’ broke a Spotify streaming record previously held by Taylor Swift, amassing over 4.3 million streams on Spotify on the US on January 22, which is the highest one-day total in the streaming platform’s history.

Meanwhile, musician Rabit has accused Drake of copying the design of his 2015 Communion tour poster for the ‘Scary Hours’ artwork. The poster was designed by artist Collin Fletcher.

“This is a story that too many artists, musicians, and designers identify with,” Fletcher said in a statement.

“Hopefully this results in a larger conversation about popular culture’s relationship to underground artist.”

08/02/2018 23:31:22
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