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Indian music was originally created for religious ceremonies. These songs are often used for yoga and meditation. Indian folk motifs have inspired many musicians, including rock bands like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

Modern Indian music is the child of the musical traditions of Europe and Arabic melodies. You can also relax while listening Indian music. It’s interesting that there are melodies that help to fall asleep, and some of them are Indian.

Sometimes it seems like Indian music and relax are synonyms! However, it’s a joke, but there are music collections that help to relax not only the body, but also the soul. The main purpose of Indian motives is to throw away the negative from our lives, to become spiritually purer. Sometimes the solemn sounds of ancient mantras are exactly needed. Especially when it’s a busy day in a modern metropolis.

You are free to listen and download Indian music for relax on our website.
Music from Indian films
A huge number of songs has came from Indian cinemas to the playlists of people around the world. The main characters of films singing them not only while battles and discussions, but also while marriages and funeral ceremonies.

Yes, there are people that don’t prefer Indian film production at all, and it’s totally normal. But everyone knows that music from Indian cinema has some kind of mystical power. Indian music is able to charm. You may imagine the life of the main lyrical characters while listening to these songs.

Here you're able to download or listen to Indian songs from films for free.
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