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The reason for familiarity with the music created in the camp of Velvet companies, became the agreement reached with Muzmo: after the conclusion of a license agreement with Konstantin Meladze, we are pleased to present a collection of the brightest students of compositions published in the label's catalog. Music lovers, who know firsthand the era of cassette recorders, remember the first albums Zemfira, "Spleen" and has become a cult of Micah "Micah and Jumanji." It is with Velvet began the history of popular Nizhny Novgorod rockers Uma2rman, sell a million copies of their debut album "In the city of N" in 2004 and had acquired the title of "Breakthrough of the Year" on Muz-TV. There is also published their compositions Anna Semenovich and Gosha Kutsenko. Today, Velvet Music - part of the musical history of Russia, the place from whence come the hit releases and folded popular duets Mota and VIA GRA, Smash & Craig David, Valerie and Valery Meladze. Also at Velvet come and dance remixes, club-oriented audience. Among the performers signed at Velvet are professionals, creating the sound of modern pop music, whether it be soul singer Firs lyrics or dance radio hits Burito.
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 Бурито - Ты всегда ждешь меня (03:28, 202Kb/s)
 Banev and Ёлка - Будь со мной рядом (03:43, 196Kb/s)
 Вера Брежнева - НОМЕР 1 (04:02, 206Kb/s)
 анна плетнёва - Сильная девочка (04:28, 204Kb/s)
 Виа-Гра - Кто ты мне (04:10, 199Kb/s)
 Валерий Меладзе - Прощаться нужно легко (03:49, 198Kb/s)
 Бурито - Мама (03:09, 202Kb/s)
 Эмма М - Искрами (04:00, 202Kb/s)
 M-Band - Невыносимая (04:19, 200Kb/s)
 Альбина Джанабаева - На счастье (03:27, 201Kb/s)
 Вера Брежнева - Бессонница (03:48, 198Kb/s)
 Елка - Навсегда (03:30, 203Kb/s)
 SMASH and Моя Мишель - Тёмные аллеи (03:24, 209Kb/s)
 SMASH and Craig David - Good Time (03:42, 197Kb/s)
 Бурито - Мегахит (02:57, 210Kb/s)
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