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Minimal synth

Minimal synth - a genre that originated at the turn of the 1970s and 1980s as one of the subspecies of New Wave. Unlike the more commercial synth-pop, minimal-synth was characterized by low-quality sound, dark mood of tracks and ascetic arrangements with the use of analog, often self-made synthesizers. The genre gained a second life in the late 2000s, when a new generation of musicians performing minimal synths appeared, and a number of his classic albums were reissued. The main performers of the genre include Oppenheimer Analysis, Solid Space, Art Fact, Turquoise Days. Every weekday is a new playlist in the "Genre of the Day" rubric. Here and in our telegram-channel:
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Songs 1-15 of 28
 The Normal - T.V.O.D. (02:54, 320Kb/s)
 Void Vision - The Source (03:58, 320Kb/s)
 Five Times Of Dust - Multinational (04:08, 320Kb/s)
 Joy Electric - The Matterhorn (02:01, 320Kb/s)
 100% Manmade Fibre - Green for Go (03:03, 320Kb/s)
 Disque Omo - Toujours L'amour (02:08, 320Kb/s)
 Moderne - Séduction (02:43, 320Kb/s)
 Futurisk - Lonely Streets (1982) (05:24, 320Kb/s)
 Autumn - The Third Autumn (04:33, 320Kb/s)
 Hard Corps - Lucky Charm (03:55, 320Kb/s)
 The Shortwave Mystery - Synth-Tape-Test! (03:13, 320Kb/s)
 Guyer's Connection - Ballade Pour Nous (02:48, 320Kb/s)
 ADN' Ckrystall - Le Blues De La Fille Aux Jambes De Jeans (04:55, 320Kb/s)
 Linea Aspera - Malarone (04:12, 320Kb/s)
 Fall of Saigon - Blue Eyes (02:06, 320Kb/s)
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Minimal synth

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