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Kawaii Metal

Kawaii Metal is a mixture of metal and cute Japanese pop music, which sounds less aggressive than heavy metal. It is believed that the genre originated in early 2010 with the advent of the Japanese band Babymetal. Their debut single "BABYMETAL × Kiba of Akiba" immediately hit the first line of local charts, after which such bands began to grow like mushrooms after the rain not only in Japan, but also in neighboring Korea. Kawaii Metal is not only music, but also a certain aesthetics. The group usually includes cute young girls who in the Japanese manner copy images of metalworkers (black clothes, leather jackets, make-up and hairstyles), imparting to the harsh and gloomy elements of the external appearance some puppety and childishness. Famous bands are Passcode, Bis, BRIDEAR, Cantoy, Fruitpochette. Every weekday is a new playlist in the "Genre of the Day" rubric. Here and in our telegram-channel:
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Songs 1-14 of 14
 Hatsune Miku, wowaka - Rollin'Girl feat. Hatsune Miku (03:09, 320Kb/s)
 Manga Project, Prague, ANISON PROJECT, Nanbyou Shien Project, Suzuki Yuuta - Light Infection (03:57, 320Kb/s)
 Babymetal - Karate (04:21, 320Kb/s)
 Bish - BiSH Hoshi Ga Matataku Yoruni '16 (04:37, 320Kb/s)
 BRIDEAR - Hakoniwa (04:40, 320Kb/s)
 BRIDEAR - Marginal Lie (03:15, 320Kb/s)
 Bish - Is This Call?? (03:43, 320Kb/s)
 Fruitpochette - Tyranny-Parasite (04:06, 320Kb/s)
 Bis, Kenta Matsukuma, Yufu Terashima - eat it (03:28, 320Kb/s)
 Bis, Ichiro Iguchi, JxSxK, KO INABA - let it be (03:47, 320Kb/s)
 Dazzle Vision, Maïko - Vision (03:19, 320Kb/s)
 Passcode - One Step Beyond (03:37, 320Kb/s)
 Babymetal - Megitsune (04:09, 320Kb/s)
 Cantoy, Catherine - Delica (03:47, 320Kb/s)
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Kawaii Metal

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